v1.1.0: Post-jam update

Now that GMTK Jam 2020 is officially over, please enjoy the first post-jam update. This update makes several improvements to the difficulty curve and sound design. You may notice that you’re now able to achieve higher scores. Don’t worry, that means it’s working!

v1.1.0 changes

  • Improved difficulty scaling
    • Added tutorial screen for players with scores below 500
    • Applied invincibility during shield up sound effect
    • Limited drift acceleration to 1G
    • Reduced drift speed on direction change
    • Reduced initial opponents to zero
    • Reduced initial velocity to zero
    • Rescaled acceleration to be more gradual
  • Improved dynamic soundtrack
    • Added sub bass
    • Fixed garbage collection issue
    • Increased the tempo
  • Improved sound design
    • Added sound effect to race start
    • Bumped opponent sounds up an octave
    • Improved audibility of collision warnings
    • Increased tire feedback
    • Made collision sounds more impactful
    • Rendered wind in stereo
    • Revised game over sound
  • Miscellaneous
    • Added application icons
    • Added Linux build

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