In the lethal futuresport known as Audo, there is no such thing as slowing down. Each racing pod is designed to gradually increase in speed as our contestants vie to be the fastest on the track. But beware, as things heat up it gets harder to avoid crashing into your competitors! Be sure to check your rear viewscreen as well, as someone even faster than you could blaze by in the blink of an eye - or smash right into you, obliterating any chance at victory.



Audo is an audio game best experienced with headphones. Press A and D or the arrow keys, tap the sides of the screen, or use your favorite gamepad to drift sideways, collect power-ups, and avoid opponents.

Install instructions

Archive contains the game executable and manual. Extract to your desired location and play.


Download 72 MB
Download 74 MB

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Is the game supposed to be a black screen that just says "Systems Nominal"?

Yes. It’s an audio game best experienced with headphones. Feel free to close your eyes to become more immersed. I recommend playing in a Chromium-based browser like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or Opera. If you’re a Firefox user then I recommend downloading the desktop build through the app.

I see.

High scores? I’ll start with 2,844.