Wurmus was a snake-like game of tag once popular on playgrounds across the globe. Players link arms with the head of the worm as they chase and add players to their tail. But beware! They are also vying to decapitate the worm, and if a link is broken, all the detached players are free. The game ends when the head loses its tail.

In this faithful recreation, you control the head of the worm in an endless playground where new opponents regularly enter at increasing skill levels. Capture them and avoid decapitation to increase your score.

How long will your worm survive?

How to Play

Wurmus is best experienced with a gamepad and headphones. Use both analog thumb sticks, or press WASD to move and use a mouse or press QE to turn. A complete reference is provided in the game manual.


Wurmus-linux-x64.zip 93 MB
Wurmus-win32-x64.zip 97 MB

Install instructions

Archive contains the game executable and manual. Extract to your desired location and play.

Development log


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It's definitely blind-accessible, but at first I found it a bit hard to understand with the minimalist graphics and the first hollow circle was always slightly below the first full circle for some reason? I also found the sounds to be a bit creepy, but I guess that's just personal opinion.

I played it on stream (3:49):