Explore ambient soundscapes by manipulating time. Rewind, scrub, freeze, or adjust playback speed. Enjoy unique songs each play.


How to Play

Interact to begin. Move forward and backward to scrub through time. Turn to pan and calibrate its kaleidoscopic visualizer. Play and rewind at adjustable speeds. Randomize at any time to hear something new.


Keyboard Controls

Action Key 1 Key 2 Key 3
Play E Page Up Numpad 9
Rewind Q Page Down Numpad 7
Increase Speed = Numpad +
Decrease Speed - Numpad -
Set Speed 0–9
Scrub Forward W Up Arrow Numpad 8
Scrub Backward S Down Arrow Numpad 5
Turn Left A Left Arrow Numpad 4
Turn Right D Right Arrow Numpad 6
Toggle Rotation F End Numpad 0
Randomize R Home Numpad *
Freeze Z Delete Numpad .


Mouse Controls

Action Button
Play Mouse 5 (Forward)
Rewind Mouse 4 (Back)
Increase Speed Scroll Up (Wheel)
Decrease Speed Scroll Down (Wheel)
Scrub Forward Mouse 1 (Primary)
Scrub Backward Mouse 3 (Secondary)
Turning Mouse X-Axis
Randomize Mouse 2 (Wheel)


Gamepad Controls

Action Button 1 Button 2
Play D-Pad Right Right Bumper
Rewind D-Pad Left Left Bumper
Increase Speed D-Pad Up
Decrease Speed D-Pad Down
Scrub Forward Any Stick Right Trigger
Scrub Backward Any Stick Left Trigger
Turning Any Stick
Toggle Rotation A
Randomize X Select
Freeze B Start


Touch Controls

The visualizer is divided into a 3x3 grid of touch areas:

Action Touch Area
Play Center right
Rewind Center left
Increase Speed Top center
Decrease Speed Bottom center
Toggle Rotation Bottom left
Randomize Center
Freeze Top left


Kaleidophone-linux-x64.zip 72 MB
Kaleidophone-win32-x64.zip 74 MB

Install instructions

Archive contains the game executable and manual. Extract to your desired location and play.

Development log


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Pretty cool but most things don't work for me. Either the keyboard controls or the Xbox controls.

Thanks for checking it out! Could I have more info about your setup so I can troubleshoot? Which build, operating system, browser, whether you’re using any assistive technologies, etc. would be helpful.

I found a bug where the splash screen isn’t being properly announced by screen readers. It will be fixed in the next minor update. For now it can be skipped by pressing Enter/Space on keyboard or A/Start on gamepad. From there, if the game isn’t responding to controls, you may need to switch focus modes.

I'm using the desktop version through the Itch app with NVDA running. I've got past the point where you have to hit enter, and so far, the only thing that seems to have any effect is to press R or X on my controller to get a change of note. The others don't do anything. If I leave the controls alone, things change slowly over time, but there is nothing I can do to change it myself.

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Oh! That actually sounds right. It initially starts frozen. The default speed is quite slow (one note every eight seconds). At its fastest the notes change once per second. To hear that you can press 9 to set that speed and then E to play (or D-Pad Up a few times and then D-Pad Right on the gamepad). I’m sorry for the confusion.

There was no sound for me

Please tell me more about your browser and device. If problems persist, then I recommend downloading the desktop version.

I'm on a chromebook with chrome right now, but I can Download the windows version on my PC if need be

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Chrome is supported but it needs to be running a recent version (80+). I understand that some Chromebooks become outdated and no longer receive updates. Real-time synthesis is also an extremely CPU-intensive process, so it might not meet the hardware requirements for this. The desktop app bundles up the game with a supported version of Chromium. Let me know how you like it when you have a chance to experience on your PC. Cheers!


Incredibly relaxing. Beautiful stuff <3


Really interesting. The graphics, while simple in a way, really complement the sound effect and were enjoyable to watch while listening.


This is what CPUs dreaming looks and sounds like. Thanks for this.


this is cool