v0.1.0: Silent Idle Edition

Silently click through its menus and win battles without lifting a blade. The first playable build of Bladius is here!

This build allows you to begin exploring the 98 cards shipped in the base game. Open a starter pack, draw your hand, automatically win battles, and spend the rewards. To get here, special care was given to keyboard and screen reader accessibility. Please let me know if you encounter any issues.

The numbers here are not final. Future builds will add sound effects to these screens, and eventually allow you to participate in your first fights in the arena! Stay tuned for an update next week.


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Nov 08, 2021

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I hope that after the release of the game, you create a method to create, export and import custom cards. that would give the game unlimited life

Hi! I did not consider this, but this is a great idea! I think it would be possible to support modding like this in a post-jam update. Basically all of the cards are defined with JSON, so it might be possible to let folks import their own. Cards will have unique sounds, so a challenge will be exposing the synth parameters to design their sounds. I’ll keep this in mind as I build the game.