v0.3.0: Hardcore Combat Edition

Strike, block, parry, and dodge in the latest Bladius build! Draw a hand of equipment cards and duel opponents of increasing skill in first-person melee combat. But beware, the potions have no effect! Changes since my last update include:

  • Movement controls with sprinting and dodging
  • Footstep, movement, and dodge sounds
  • Health and stamina resources to manage
  • Enemy generation and AI which increases in difficulty
  • Collision detection between weapons, shields, and bodies
  • Damage application with win/loss conditions
  • Procedural collision sounds generated by fractals

There are a few remaining features and polish to address before the month comes to a close. Potions will become consumable with added health regeneration and audio effects. A targeting system will be added to track and switch between opponents with directional audio cues. And a variety of wishlist items await.

I’m excited to share the jam submission in my next update. Enjoy!


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Nov 22, 2021

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