v1.0.0: Jam Edition

Use potions, track enemies, and enjoy fresh graphics in the first feature complete release! In Bladius players amass a deck of medieval equipment and fight to the death in fierce melee combat. Changes since my last update include:

  • Colorful abstract graphics
  • Consumable potions that heal over time
  • Targeting system to track enemies’ positions
  • Damage, kill, and death sounds
  • Game manual with controls and play instructions
  • Audio and game feel improvements
  • Squashed some bugs

It was my pleasure to build Bladius for two jams. For Game Off 2021’s theme of bug I introduced banes into its design. These cards inflict negative status penalties in return for higher rewards. And for Crunchless Challenge I worked no more than 26 hours per week on the project. I’m excited for the feedback I might receive from these jams.

There were a number of items beyond the scope of the jams that I would like to consider in future updates:

  • Health regeneration and stealing mechanics
  • Accessory cards that apply unique attribute combinations
  • Environment cards that apply global status effects
  • Statistics or scores on the win/loss screens
  • Generative music on the title screens
  • Support for user-defined cards

I’m looking forward to sharing the ultimate Bladius experience in a post-jam update. In the meantime, thanks for playing. Enjoy!


Bladius-html5.zip Play in browser
Nov 28, 2021
Bladius-linux-x64.zip 94 MB
Nov 28, 2021
Bladius-win32-x64.zip 81 MB
Nov 28, 2021

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