Sail the waves, catch the fish, and battle the reaper.

Traverse an impressionistic sea, listening for predator and prey. Cast a lure and feel their cues to reel them in. The reaper slowly tracks your movements, who you must outmaneuver to survive.

Fishyphus is best experienced with a gamepad and headphones. Please read the online manual for system requirements, controls, and how to play.


Download 94 MB
Download 98 MB

Install instructions

Download and extract to your desired location. Archive contains the game executable and manual. Ideal for folks using unsupported browsers.

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Very relaxing and beautiful game! Also a very usefulI tutorial! sadly never saw the reaper though.

Am probably going to play this again soon!

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Hi. Sadly haven't been able to play. There's no download link for the zip file on any of the game or dev log pages. If I press the "run game" button on the main game page, I get the game screen, but there's no sound, and I can't interact with any of the controls. I'm using Brave Browser on Windows, although I get the same behavior in other Chromium browsers. Scripts aren't blocked.

EDIT: Just realised I'm actually having the same issue as Michael Taboada, mentioned below. I'm using NVDA on Windows 11.

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Hello! Thanks for reporting. The game uses IndexedDB to save your progress. Therefore, to play with Brave browser, you will need to go Shields Down to play. In a later build, I will look into a solution which allows you to play, but unfortunately no progress will be saved between plays. The desktop build will be released at the end of the jam.

If there is some other issue after going Shields Down, then it would be helpful to know if there are any items logged within the developer console.


That fixed it. Thanks for your help and your work! :)

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You’re welcome, that’s great to hear! If you have any privacy concerns with doing this, then the source code is available on GitHub. I’m pretty adverse toward third parties tracking your data, and don’t use products like Google Analytics on my personal site for that reason.


Very atmospheric game, sound-scape is captivating and I like the lightweight graphics which gives a floating feeling ;]



I seem to have an issue where, when I launch the game, I go to the death screen. The interact to continue doesn’t seem to focused, and I can’t get my screen reader to focus the interact to continue to go back to the menu. Strangely, my screen reader sees the menu right past the death screen, but none of the buttons will activate (presumably because the menu screen is actually behind the death screen). I’m using orca as my screen reader on linux, brave as browser.


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Hi Michael, thanks for reporting! I’m sorry for the error here. The death and splash screens do not have any interactive elements and will accept input from any action button. I will look into a better screen and focus flow in later builds.

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Hi again! I could not reproduce this with NVDA in Windows but will try more testing when I can get my Linux environment up and running. However, I just quickly released a v0.2.1 update which solves a startup error in the game. Perhaps that was the cause. Could you please try again and let me know? Thanks!


It works great now. Thanks!