Unearth a forgotten game console in this submission to SYNTH jam.

Project Ephemera was the codename of an experimental console developed by digital synthesizer manufacturers in the early 1990s. Although it never reached production, a handful of prototypes have survived the test of time.

This image was cloned from a demonstration unit meant for retail displays, which boasted a trio of minigames to show off its audio synthesis and vector graphics capabilities. It was then restored and enhanced for modern systems to complete this definitive experience of the forgotten console.

Face the thrilling action of Harmony Falls! Take in the meditative ambiance of Melody Heights! And indulge your creativity with Secret Bread! Inside there is ephemera for everybody!

Project Ephemera is best experienced with a gamepad and headphones.


project-ephemera-win32-x64.zip 117 MB
project-ephemera-linux-x64.zip 104 MB

Install instructions

Archive contains the game executable and manual. Extract to your desired location and play.

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