Enter a synthesized reality. Explore endless worlds. Play an instrument. Save bookmarks. An audio game best experienced with headphones.

soundStrider is a psychedelic exploration game, walking simulator, music generator, and relaxation tool.


  • Procedurally generated soundscapes
  • Minimalist breathing visualizer
  • Adventure mode for a guided experience
  • Free Roam mode for an open-ended experience
  • Bookmarks for revisiting and sharing favorite locations
  • Virtual instrument with unlockable presets for jamming along
  • Binaural modeling for intuitive navigation
  • Screen reader accessibility

Learn More

Please visit the online manual to learn its controls, system requirements, and how to play. A copy of the manual is provided with every download.

Beta availabile


soundStrider-html5.zip 1.6 MB
soundStrider-html5-demo.zip 1.6 MB
soundStrider-linux-x64.zip 96 MB
soundStrider-linux-x64-demo.zip 96 MB
soundStrider-win32-x64.zip 85 MB
soundStrider-win32-x64-demo.zip 85 MB

Install instructions

Archive contains the game executable and manual. Extract to your desired location and play. An online manual is also available.

For the HTML5 build, please open the index file in the most recent version of Google Chrome or your favorite supported browser.

Development log

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