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v1.1.3: Now free-to-play
Due to mental health reasons I was unable to meet the deadline to submit soundStrider to the Bundle for Ukraine . By donating only $10 you can support two essen...
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v1.1.2: Maintenance update
The latest version of soundStrider upgrades its desktop application to Chrome 87. This version of Chrome contains many performance and audio enhancements that m...
v1.1.1 hotfix
The v1.1.1 update fixes a hard lock that occurred whenever instrument unlocks were spawned. This should solve reported issues with crashes and black screens. Th...
v1.1.0: Audio glossary, visualizer settings, and color schemes
I’m excited to announce soundStrider’s first minor update. Since release I’ve received several suggestions to help improve its accessibility. This update...
v1.0.2 performance hotfix
The v1.0.2 hotfix addresses some performance degradation issues. Please visit the shiftBacktick blog to learn more...
soundStrider Postmortem
Two weeks ago soundStrider was released. Please enjoy this postmortem of its development on the shiftBacktick blog. It’s about a 30-minute read. In it you’l...
v1.0.1 accessibility hotfix
The v1.0.1 update fixes a hard lock on the Audio Mixer screen when using input other than the mouse...
soundStrider 1.0 released
I’m excited to announce the release of soundStrider 1.0! The past seven months have truly been an amazing journey. With this release the game is feature compl...
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Hi! I've been playing Sound strider for almost a year now. I was playing Sound Searcher today, to see how it started, an...
started by BrandonMc 64 days ago
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Hello there!I have recently discovered your games, and I decided to check this one out. You said that the adventure mode...
started by Douglas Gallo Jan 07, 2023
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Just for fun, we tried to run this on a Raspberry Pi 4. Let's just say the experience wasn't the best. :D
started by SoniEx2 Nov 17, 2021
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I think you should rename the "master" mixer to "main", and also I'd prefer if the on/off checkboxes were actual checkbo...
started by SoniEx2 Aug 05, 2020
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So far I tried the Linux version only. The game sounds interresting but hard to get. Like I am a bit lost about "movemen...
started by mickrodot Jun 14, 2020
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Thank you for this imaginative game, and thanks so much for the screen-reader accessibility. Unfortunately, I downloaded...
started by vegaspipistrelle Apr 02, 2020
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