v1.1.2: Maintenance update

The latest version of soundStrider upgrades its desktop application to Chrome 87. This version of Chrome contains many performance and audio enhancements that may improve its experience for some folks. No update is necessary, especially if you’re playing the HTML build. Several of my other projects will also receive this update.

In the pipeline is an upcoming release which will mostly be an engine update. Portions of the game are being refactored to take advantage of its new features, including 3D positional audio rendering and enhanced physics. This is necessary for me to continue supporting the game and have a better framework for new feature development in the future. Currently I don’t have a timeline; however, folks who enjoy my game S.E.A. should also expect a similar update, which is much farther along in testing.

In addition to the current sale I’ve doubled the number of community copies available for free download. Please take advantage of this if, like me, you experienced any financial hardship this year. Because my situation has recently changed, I’m removing the ability to pay-what-you-want for my free games.


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