Beta 7: Instrument collectibles

The final soundStrider beta adds unlockable presets for the virtual instrument. Explore in any game mode to collect a variety of playable sounds ranging from pure synths to real instruments. Other enhancements include an improved poison effect and extended controls.

Don’t forget that soundStrider launches on Steam on July 10 at an updated price of $9.99 USD. The launch update will contain some eleventh-hour fixes. In the meantime, I hope you find joy in this update. Thanks for playing!


Beta 7 changes

  • Added collectible instrument presets
    • Added various presets (collect them all)
    • Added preset unlock spawner
    • Added presets unlocked to Statistics screen
    • Enabled pure sine preset within the demo
    • Improved default preset
  • Added Instrument Settings screen
    • Added button to access the Instrument Settings page
    • Added preset selector
    • Added polyphony slider
    • Added pitch bend slider
    • Added switch on unlock toggle
  • Extended keyboard controls
    • Added numpad keys for moving, turning, and toggling forward
    • Added support for using the numpad enter key for UI interactions
    • Added support for using the delete keys to pause or go back
  • Improved instrument controls
    • Added MIDI modulation wheel support
    • Added second octave of instrument keys between T and ]
    • Revised gamepad controls with modulation support
  • Improved poison status effect
    • Improved audio effects while poisoned
    • Improved visual effects while poisoned
    • Added poison slider to Audio Mixer screen
    • Added venom to snake bites
    • Increased radius of poisonous objects
  • Miscellaneous
    • Added reverb send to instrument
    • Improved accuracy of distance traveled statistic
    • Optimized various synth routings
    • Prevented hard audio locks on unstable filters
    • Updated manual to reflect changes


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