Side A alpha time lapse

Greetings surveyors!

This month I’ve been working hard to implement sound on Alpha Periphery B. Here’s a short preview:

This alpha footage is a time lapse of Side A. This desert scene depicts two pyramidal structures, both nearly 100 meters high, constructed upon mostly flat terrain, with some rocky outcroppings. Sped up sixty times, two days and nights elapse with relatively calm weather. During the day, the sun traces along the horizon, with the Milky Way tinted red by Alpha Periphery B’s dusty sky at night. The sands, pulled by its violent winds, completely engulf the pyramids twice during this period.

Interestingly, making this video helped me diagnose a bug with the music generator. It was stuck on one chord here, but it fits very well with the time lapse, so I left it in.

I’m excited to share more news about the alpha build soon.


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