v0.4.1: Alpha feedback patch

Greetings surveyors,

This update addresses some of the most immediate feedback received during the first week of alpha testing. Thank you all who have shared your experiences, reported issues, and donated copies to the community through your generosity. I sincerely appreciate your help.


v0.4.1 changes

  • Core
    • Made echolocation sounds more distinct from other scan cues.
    • Added modulation to reactors sound when traversing slopes.
    • Added gain compensation for distant materials.
    • Increased forward velocity while jumping.
    • Fixed speech repeating when access hotkeys are held.
    • Fixed no speech when access hotkeys are repeated.
    • Reduced modulation of common material sounds.
    • Removed debugging tools to improve HTML5 build compatibility.
  • Side A
    • Significantly increased spawn rate of materials.
    • Added filtering to collectible scan cues when occluded by sand.
    • Slightly increased music dynamic range.
    • Fixed a collision detection issue while on sand.

Newly known issues

  • Holding access keys after speech begins will cancel speech.


periphery-synthetic-ep-win32-x64.zip 85 MB
Sep 02, 2022
periphery-synthetic-ep-linux-x64.zip Play in browser
Sep 02, 2022
periphery-synthetic-ep-html5.zip 763 kB
Sep 02, 2022

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