v0.4.2: Quick patch

Greetings surveyors!

Right before I was to leave for a camping trip, I learned that the game was featured on the front page of itch.io. This build has some improvements that were in the works for when I returned in a week. It also allows you to play directly in the browser here.

I’m very excited to address your feedback and continue work on the game soon. In the meantime, I’ll be off the grid.


v0.4.2 changes

  • Added indicators to menus when upgrades are available.
  • Improved mouse controls, with the intention to completely rework later.
  • Made many small mixing adjustments to improve material audibility.
  • Added quit confirmation for Ctrl+W combinations in HTML builds.
  • Implemented the new insights system behind the scenes.

Newly known issues

  • Audio pops and dropouts related to when many materials are nearby.
  • Mouse controls are pretty bad, but less bad than previous builds.


periphery-synthetic-ep-html5.zip 764 kB
Sep 04, 2022
periphery-synthetic-ep-html5-browser.zip Play in browser
Sep 04, 2022
periphery-synthetic-ep-win32-x64.zip 85 MB
Sep 04, 2022
periphery-synthetic-ep-linux-x64.zip 80 MB
Sep 04, 2022

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