Screenshot Saturday: A first look at Side C!

Greetings surveyors!

I’m excited to share the latest progress on the EP. In Periphery Synthetic, you explore a planetary system of musical worlds. During its open beta, these are released in expansions that I call its Sides. And the incoming Side B release will include plenty of eye candy.

Continue reading for screenshots and notes from the latest build, as well as a small announcement at the end. Enjoy!

Side A enhancements

We began on the surface of Alpha Periphery B with no memory. It’s a desert planet with an unusual tilt. And its graphics have iterated quite a lot since the first alpha release!

Its eclipse on the cover screen has received more color and saturation:

Eclipse of Alpha Periphery B

A new vertex shader adds finer, random details to the terrain’s geometry:

Overlooking a crater, at night

A new fragment shader improves the coloring of the sky, celestial objects, and transparent objects:

That crater, but from a high mesa, with a sunrise

And here’s a hidden place with all the new enhancements:

A large structure, daytime, from an expressive perspective

Along the way, you may have collected some materials, upgraded your exosuit, and made some discoveries. Soon you may also enter a portal.

Side B incoming

In the next release, Alpha Periphery C2 will be on the other side of that portal. It’s an icy exomoon trapped within an eternal eclipse.

The cover screen now displays random eclipses of all discovered worlds. Here is the incoming new cover screen:

Eclipse of Alpha Periphery C2

Beware the first step! It can be a steep drop:

Portal exit on mountainous terrain

But with low gravity and a new jetpack, going anywhere is possible:

On a ledge, hazy with falling snow, overlooking a valley with surrounding peaks

Perhaps its tallest mountains could launch you into the exosphere:

Directly into the eclipse, thin atmosphere with visible stars

Side B will release next month.

Side C progress

Later, that portal could instead lead to Alpha Periphery C. It’s an ocean world with a picturesque surface and a deep world to explore.

Here’s the upcoming random cover screen:

Eclipse of Alpha Periphery C

You’ll exit here, underwater, but that’s not quite ready yet:

A dark yet colorful landscape, underwater

Optionally, you may swim to the surface, to surf the waves and enjoy the daylight cycle:

An early sunrise, above the surface, moderate waves

The largest tidal waves provide entertainment at noon and midnight:

Underwater, noon, the underside of a large tidal wave

Alpha Periphery C2 can be seen prominently at night:

An early moonrise, from underwater, stars blurred

Side C will release this year, when it’s ready.

A small announcement

I’m excited to share that I’ll be taking a short break from the EP during the month of April to prototype a free project. Codenamed Fishyphus, it will be a fishing horror game developed for Games for Blind Gamers 2.

Periphery Synthetic EP is designed for all people. While my primary focus is making interactive and accessible audio experiences, I enjoy adding graphics to my projects as a universal design principle. With this jam, I’m excited to make something different for the folks who have supported this project from the beginning.

Thanks for reading!

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