You lie prone in your S.E.A., an experimental military watercraft that's fully enclosed. Moments before, you were dropped off in the middle of the Pacific. There's no land for days. It's just you and the sounds of the open sea. Your mission is to test its capabilities.

S.E.A. is an audio game best experienced with headphones.


How to Play

The ocean is endless. Listen and relax. Surf the waves. Experiment. 

Light Spoiler Warning

S.E.A. is an acronym for Submersible Exploration Apparatus.

Heavy Spoiler Warning

The military has intelligence that a vast network of caves exists beneath the ocean floor. They suspect that valuable treasures, some not of this world, lay dormant inside.

Ultimate Spoiler Warning

S.E.A. is an underwater cave diving simulator with mild dungeon crawling elements. It's influenced by games like Sub Culture and Scanner Sombre. At its surface it presents a false exterior of being a relaxing watercraft simulator. Deep below lies a vast oceanic landscape filled with endless caves. With its scanning mechanic players paint a sonic trail of the areas they've visited with the chance of revealing valuable treasures to collect for their personal galleries. What will you find beneath the surface?



Light Spoiler Warning

The S.E.A. has undocumented capabilities. Experiment with its controls.

Heavy Spoiler Warning

The S.E.A. has additional controls for navigating below the surface. After descending, its scanner can interrogate underwater features and map them to musical tones. Explore and return to the surface at your leisure.


Keyboard Controls

Action Key 1 Key 2 Key 3
Forward W Up Arrow Numpad 8
Reverse S Down Arrow Numpad 5
Turn Left Q Left Arrow Numpad 7
Turn Right E Right Arrow Numpad 9
Turbo Shift
UI Confirm Enter Space
UI Back Escape Backspace
Game Menu Escape Backspace
Heavy Spoiler Warning
Action Key 1 Key 2 Key 3
Strafe Left A Z Numpad 4
Strafe Right D X Numpad 6
Ascend Space
Descend Control C
Scan Area Ahead F
Scan Area Behind R V


Mouse Controls

Action Button
Forward Mouse 1 (Primary)
Reverse Mouse 3 (Secondary)
Turning Mouse X-Axis
Turbo Mouse 2 (Wheel)
Heavy Spoiler Warning
Action Button
Ascend Mouse 5 (Forward)
Descend Mouse 4 (Back)
Scan Area Ahead Scroll Up (Wheel)
Scan Area Behind Scroll Down (Wheel)


Gamepad Controls

Action Button 1 Button 2 Button 3
Forward Right Stick D-Pad Up Right Trigger
Reverse Right Stick D-Pad Down Left Trigger
Turn Left Left Stick D-Pad Left
Turn Right Left Stick D-Pad Right
Turbo Press Any Stick
UI Confirm A Start
UI Back B Select
Game Menu Start Select
Heavy Spoiler Warning
Action Button 1 Button 2
Strafing Left Stick
Ascend Y Right Bumper
Descend X Left Bumper
Scan Area Ahead A
Scan Area Behind B


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Fun game! Wish controls were slightly less complicated though.

Thanks for playing! You’re right that it’s a pretty complicated vehicle to control. My hands get a lot of exercise on the keyboard, but on my Xbox One controller it’s a little more comfortable.