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Recent updates

v1.5.0: Deep update
Dive into the deepest S.E.A. update yet! In S.E.A. you pilot a personal watercraft that uses sound to reveal a relaxing open world. Immerse yourself with new ve...
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Diving into the Deep update
From the shiftBacktick blog : Recently I’ve received some questions regarding the status of S.E.A. and its next release. Rest assured that development, while...
v1.4.5: Performance hotfix
Today I published syngen v0.2.0 which adds new OpenSimplex noise generators, and optimizations for the existing Perlin noise generators. To celebrate, this hotf...
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v1.4.4: Fest feedback
The latest S.E.A. update is a small one that addresses feedback received during the Steam Next Fest. Notably it contains a few visual enhancements, including a...
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v1.4.3: Fest hotfix
This hotfix addresses some small issues uncovered during a livestream today, including some progress on the worst known issue. Thanks for understanding. Spoiler...
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v1.4.2: Fest enhancements
The latest S.E.A. update brings another vertical slice of enhancements to prepare it for Steam Next Fest . Enjoy new engine sounds, experimental changes like su...
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v1.4.1: Fest enhancements
The latest S.E.A. update brings a vertical slice of enhancements and lessons learned from E.X.O. to prepare it for Steam Next Fest . Enjoy graphical enhancement...
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Introducing E.X.O.
Explore an icy exomoon in a versatile and upgradable exosuit in this submission to No Video Jam 2 : E.X.O. by shiftBacktick As you might remember, S.E.A. was or...

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