S.E.A. is canceled (sort of)

After a year of post-jam updates, I regret to announce that S.E.A. is no longer under active development.

It was my pleasure to share this world with you. I’m grateful for your feedback and support over the course of its development. Our journey into the deep has taught me countless lessons about procedural terrain generation, systems music, computer graphics, and synthesis.

Unfortunately my vision for the game has vastly exceeded its scope. I dreamt of adding crafting systems, aquatic lifeforms, and sunken structures. And then wouldn’t it be great if there were portals to other worlds?

To achieve this would have been a tremendous undertaking given the early architectual decisions I made. Without this post becoming a postmortem, it’s best to consider this project a learning experience and stepping stone toward something larger that can support its vision.

Announcement forthcoming

In my post announcing that soundStrider is now free-to-play, I hinted that I’ve started preproduction on a new project: Periphery Synthetic EP.

Its objective is to unify the worlds of S.E.A. and E.X.O. into a new and cohesive experience. Piloting an upgradable exosuit, players will explore an uncharted star system with a mysterious past. Released episodically, its first explorable environment will be an all-new desert planet.

I’m looking forward to sharing more soon. Thanks for playing!

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