v1.4.4: Fest feedback

The latest S.E.A. update is a small one that addresses feedback received during the Steam Next Fest. Notably it contains a few visual enhancements, including a new adjustable backlight while in Dark Mode, and some changes to a certain audio cue to help pilots reason with vertical space.

This will be the last update in this release cycle. In the pipeline are some improvements to the game’s engine which will power the changes planned for the next minor update. Please read my latest roadmap update to learn more.


v1.4.4 changes

  • Added adjustable backlight to Dark Mode
  • Added backlight strength slider to Graphics screen
  • Added UI theme color cycling based on in-game solar time
  • Fixed star projection
Spoiler Warning
  • Added relative height cues to treasures


SEA-html5.zip Play in browser
Jul 17, 2021
SEA-win32-x64.zip 79 MB
Jul 17, 2021
SEA-linux-x64.zip 74 MB
Jul 17, 2021

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