v1.4.1: Fest enhancements

The latest S.E.A. update brings a vertical slice of enhancements and lessons learned from E.X.O. to prepare it for Steam Next Fest. Enjoy graphical enhancements like a high-contrast Dark Mode, improvements to physics and collision detection, and various tweaks and fixes.

Ahead in the water

Leading up to Steam Next Fest, I plan to make a launch trailer for S.E.A. and revisit its store page. There might be a performance hotfix beforehand as well.

My hope with the event is to capture feedback to understand its future. In addition to all the new content I want to add in future updates, there are several aspects of the core game loop and systems that I would like to develop further to make more accessible and interesting.

Please dive in and let me know what you think!

v1.4.1 changes

  • Audio
    • Added binaural processing to splash cue
    • Reworked splash cue for movement changes
  • Graphics
    • Added toggle for Dark Mode on Graphics screen
    • Added random radii to stars
    • Adjusted range of motion blur strengths
    • Fixed celestial glows disappearing when crossing top of screen
    • Increased contrast of nighttime sky
    • Made stars visible for longer
  • Movement
    • Improved handling on slopes
  • User interface
    • Added access hotkeys for altitude and velocity
    • Added status screen rows for altitude and velocity
    • Improved verbosity of access hotkey alerts
    • Rearranged heading and coordinates on Status screen
  • Miscellaneous
    • Fixed some things caching between new games
    • Prevented statistics collecting while on title screen
    • Tweaked haptic strengths to be stronger overall
    • Miscellaneous coding chores to support future updates
    • Updated documentation to reflect changes
Spoiler Warning
  • Audio
    • Added more triads to underwater soundtrack
    • Fixed a memory leak within underwater soundtrack
  • Graphics
    • Added effect to stars when crossing surface
  • Movement
    • Improved surface transitions
    • Prevented getting stuck in terrain
    • Voxelized terrain collisions


SEA-html5.zip Play in browser
May 23, 2021
SEA-linux-x64.zip 76 MB
May 23, 2021
SEA-win32-x64.zip 79 MB
May 23, 2021

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