Alpha 3: Mainframe palette

Enter the Mainframe in the latest soundStrider alpha! Other changes include improvements to the pulse palette, world generation, and binaural modeling.

This version also delivers a new user manual and experimental builds for macOS and Linux users. Please let me know if you encounter any issues with running the game on those platforms.


Introducing the mainframe palette

Swipe your keycard and launch your terminal for the excerpt below:


New trailer

In preparation for the upcoming Steam launch I’ve created the first soundStrider trailer. It showcases the Beach, Storm, Astral, and Limbic palettes with a hearty dose of open-eye visuals. Enjoy!


Alpha 3 changes

  • New palettes
    • Mainframe
  • Miscellaneous
    • Added experimental builds for Linux and macOS systems
    • Added basic game manual in PDF format to build archives
    • Improved interaural arrival time interpolation
    • Improved footstep selection and interpolation
    • Improved pulse song phrase cadence generation
    • Cycle pulse prop gain and decay throughout day
    • Made breaking improvements to world generation:
      • Improved predictability of palette shifting over large distances
      • Improved palette weighting for prop selection
      • Bookmarks are affected by this update
    • Added Andrew to the Credits screen—thank you!

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