Alpha 4: Trance palette and Steam announcement

The latest soundStrider update includes the new Trance palette and some needed performance optimizations. Explore a club filled with electronic dance music that’s energetic by day and lethargic by night.


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Preparations are underway for the Steam launch in June, with a fresh new website and a demo launching next week. Don’t forget that your support here is rewarded with a free Steam key:


Developer update

From the latest shiftBacktick blog post:

The next soundStrider updates will continue to focus on its remaining palettes which are firmly grounded in reality. The Wetland palette will add more moisture, insects, and waterfowl to bridge the gap between the Beach and Forest palettes. The Urban palette will add bustling concrete jungles filled with autonomous traffic. Lastly, the Rural palette will bridge these urban centers to more remote locations with farm machinery and domesticated animals.

I’m looking forward to sharing more soon. In the meantime, stay healthy, stay safe, and stay informed.


Alpha 4 changes

  • Added palettes
    • Trance
  • Miscellaneous
    • Updated game manual with support information
    • Footsteps are now rendered in stereo
    • Reduced A4 reference frequency to 432 Hz
    • Adjusted gain calculations so scenes are tighter
    • Optimization improvements for binaural modeling
    • Made breaking improvements to world generation:
      • Swapped locations of Classic and Wetland palettes
      • Additional improvements to palette shifting
      • Add octaves to some underlying noise fields
      • Bookmarks are affected by this update

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