Alpha 7: Urban palette and beta announcement

The latest soundStrider alpha adds a dynamic traffic system and a new palette to support it. In the Urban palette, players will navigate streets of various layouts bustling with motorized traffic. This update also includes a metaprogression system which tracks metrics across play sessions to drive some secrets coming in its full release.


Introducing the Urban palette

Check both ways before crossing the street in the excerpt below:

For this week’s #WIPWednesday I also created a video demonstrating my progress on soundStrider’s traffic system:


Beta announcement

From the latest shiftBacktick blog post:

After six months of development I'm excited to announce that soundStrider's next update will be its first beta release! This update will include its final palette (for a total of sixteen) and mark a shift in focus for its remaining development. Subsequent updates will add new quests to its Adventure mode and begin work on some secret features that should surprise and delight.

Until then, I hope you enjoy this update. Be sure to share your favorite bookmarks below and wishlist soundStrider on Steam.


Alpha 7 changes

  • Added palettes
    • Urban
  • Added footsteps
    • Solid
  • Added game systems
    • Metaprogression
    • Traffic
  • Miscellaneous
    • Added overall step counter

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