Beta 2: Synthesis quests

The latest soundStrider beta adds a new quest type and a variety of enhancements. In its Synthesis quests, adventurers search for musical components to repair broken chords in a loving reimagining of Soundsearcher. And improvements to world generation and the exploration system send adventurers deeper into uncharted lands.


Developer update

From the latest shiftBacktick blog post:

In soundStrider's game design document, my primary objective was to build a successor to the Soundsearcher prototype. After two months of meticulously building a proper engine, the first playable version had ported its footsteps and environmental sounds into a more sophisticated reality. Since then I have furthered my goals to expand upon it with additional palettes, footsteps, quests, various systems, and a distinct graphical style. With the addition of Synthesis quests in this update I'm delighted to have finally met that initial objective.

I hope you enjoy this update. Be sure to share your favorite bookmarks below and wishlist soundStrider on Steam.


Beta 2 changes

  • Added props
    • Arpeggiator
    • Resonator
  • Added Synthesis quests
    • Some quests spawn broken arpeggiators
    • Collect nearby resonators and return them to the arpeggiator
    • Repaired arpeggiators persist after completed quests
  • Quest improvements
    • Added waypoints to expedition stops
    • Ensured quests start in unexplored areas
    • Ensured quests lead to unexplored areas
  • World generation improvements
    • Rescaled palettes and fields for an average play session
    • Bookmarks are affected by this update
  • Miscellaneous
    • Added interstitial screen to the demo version
    • Added support for Steam Overlay
    • Fixed escorted Storm props not always sounding
    • Fixed escorted Urban props not always following
    • Improved the Exploration system
    • Optimized reverb send for performance
    • Prevented pause on window losing focus
    • Track completed quests across play sessions


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