Beta 3: Clockwork quests

The latest soundStrider beta adds another quest type and several enhancements. In its Clockwork quests, adventurers find clockwork toys that wind up with each step. Discover unique songs when they’re fully wound. Other changes include revised footstep sounds and greater variety when exploring space and storms.

I hope you enjoy this update. Be sure to share your favorite bookmarks below and wishlist soundStrider on Steam.


Beta 3 changes

  • Added props
    • Music box
    • Turning key
  • Added Clockwork quests
    • Some quests spawn clockwork music boxes
    • Wind them up by walking in any direction to hear a unique song
    • Music boxes persist after completed quests
  • Footstep improvements
    • Increased overall footstep level
    • Reworked various footstep sounds
  • Navigation system improvements
    • Increased compass destination dissonance
    • Synced breadcrumbs to global tempo
  • Palette improvements
    • Improved how Astral props leverage color
    • Improved how Storm props leverage color
  • Miscellaneous
    • Free Roam worlds start at real-world time
    • Loaded bookmarks start at real-world time
    • Scaled demo fields down to reflect playable content


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