Beta 5: Performance and poison

The latest soundStrider beta adds settings to improve performance when playing below its recommened system requirements and a pleasant surprise. This week’s update was released early to celebrate the Steam Game Festival. Expect future updates to iterate upon these additions.


Developer Live Chat

Please join me for a live chat during the Steam Game Festival on Friday, June 19, beginning at 5 PM GMT (10 AM PDT). Ask me anything about developing soundStrider, sound synthesis, being an introvert, or traveling through time and space! It will be hosted in the Group Chat on the soundStrider Steam Community page. I’m looking forward to seeing you there.


Beta 5 changes

  • Added Performance Settings screen
    • Added button to access the Performance Settings screen
    • Added graphics toggle
    • Added render distance slider
    • Added reverb toggle
  • Added props
    • Poison
  • Added poison status effect
    • Added poison system
    • Added poison audio cues
    • Added poison visual cues
    • Increment poison near poisonous objects
    • Decrement poison over time
  • Added statistics
    • Time played
    • Time poisoned
  • Miscellaneous
    • Added levels of detail to chimes for performance
    • Added reverb slider to Audio Mixer screen

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