Beta 6: Virtual instrument

The latest soundStrider beta adds a virtual instrument with MIDI support. Play along with its worlds as you explore or chill without knowing any scales.

Don’t have a MIDI device? No problem! Its adaptive keyboard controls mimic a piano layout whereas gamepad users can enjoy a unique tactile experience.

The new synthesizer is only the beginning of soundStrider’s metagame. Future updates will add more presets that can be discovered and unlocked as you explore across play sessions. Enjoy!


Beta 6 changes

  • Added virtual instrument
    • Equipped players with a simple synthesizer
    • Added support for MIDI input devices
    • Added gamepad controls to play the instrument
    • Added keyboard controls to play the instrument
    • Added instrument slider to the Audio Mixer screen
    • Added notes played to the Statistics screen
  • Updated game manual
    • Added Virtual Instrument section
    • Revised Bookmarks section to reflect the changes in v0.19.1


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