v1.3.0: Night update

The largest S.E.A. update yet expands its simulation with a diurnal cycle, adding new graphical enhancements, audio cues, and tidal effects!

Bask in sunrises and sunsets, count the stars, and let the moon illuminate your path. Twice a day the tides bring larger waves to surf or launch yourself for bigger jumps and spins. Apply your thrusters in new ways to master your aquatic playground.

Please let me know if you encounter any issues. Enjoy!

v1.3.0 changes

  • Audio
    • Added persistent audio cues for sun and moon
    • Added volume slider for compass cues
    • Aligned soundtrack texture with time of day
    • Prevented phase cancellation between waves
    • Reduced maximum object limit to 25
    • Reduced wave volume when catching air
  • Graphics
    • Added sun, moon, and stars that rise and set
    • Aligned light colors with time of day
    • Applied motion blur setting to surface
    • Made closer objects appear slightly larger
    • Tamed the film grain effect
  • Movement
    • Applied engine thrust and turning when skipping
    • Increased friction with surface
    • Increased maximum normal velocity
    • Reduced drag in air for bigger jumps and spins
  • Simulation
    • Added tidal waves that are strongest at noon and midnight
    • Aligned surface turbulence to time of day
  • User interface
    • Added scrollbars to settings screens with several fields
    • Added solar time to Status screen
    • Press Alt+4 or T to access solar time with a screen reader
    • Reduced screen transition times
  • Miscellaneous
    • Updated desktop builds to Electron v12.0.0 (Chromium 89)
Spoiler Warning
  • Audio
    • Improved transitions between the midnight zone
  • Movement
    • Allowed strafe controls in air for applying thrust on skip
    • Reduced angular deceleration slightly underwater
    • Removed requirement of holding ascend to surface
  • Simulation
    • Fast-forward solar time on Fast Travel
  • Miscellaneous
    • Fix ability to use scanner between sea level and surface
    • Reduced treasure notification duration from 10 to 3 seconds
    • Unlock fast travel to floor after first successful scan
    • Unlock gameplay settings after first treasure found

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