v1.4.0: Fest update

The latest S.E.A. update has a lot to celebrate!

Loading up the game, you’ll find a refreshed interface atop fully animated scenes. Feel the ocean with new haptic feedback in supported gamepads. Surf new waves with improvements to surface generation. There are some little things too.

With this release I will be stepping back from the development of S.E.A. for about a month. This will give me time to focus on No Video Jam 2 and respond to feedback for this build, which will become my entry for Steam Next Fest. From there I expect to find clarity about the roadmap ahead.

Please dive in and let me know what you think!

v1.4.0 changes

  • Audio
    • Added slider for environmental sound volume
    • Added slider for miscellaneous sound volume
    • Added slider for volume while game is paused
    • Added music to splash screen and main menu
    • Reduced default object limit to 15
    • Remixed various levels for clarity
  • Documentation
    • Added photosensitivity warning and graphical description
    • Added performance troubleshooting tips
    • Updated documentation to reflect latest changes
  • Graphics
    • Added subtle shimmer to surface
    • Improved surface render performance
    • Increased default field of view to 75 degrees
    • Reddened light levels around dusk and dawn
  • Haptic feedback
    • Added haptic feedback for supported browsers and devices
    • Added slider for vibration to Controls screen
  • Movement
    • Applied pitch to thrust relative to wave slope
    • Fixed occasionally getting stuck beneath surface
  • Simulation
    • Added localized turbulence to waves
    • Increased distance between tidal waves
    • Reworked surface generation
  • User interface
    • Added hotkeys 1 through 0 to focus and click menu items
    • Added randomized scenes to splash screen and menus
    • Fixed tab key not working when sliders were focused
    • Moved solar time to top of Status screen
    • Overhauled menu styles to be legible over scenes
    • Rendered audio while paused
    • Updated access hotkeys to reflect new Status screen order
Spoiler Warning
  • Audio
    • Fixed underwater momentum between surface and sea level

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Join us for No Video Jam 2

Did you know that S.E.A. originally had no graphics? Please join us for No Video Jam 2, the sequel to the slow jam that inspired this game. Participants will develop, play, and rate accessible games where graphics aren’t the focus.

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