Introducing E.X.O.

Explore an icy exomoon in a versatile and upgradable exosuit in this submission to No Video Jam 2:

As you might remember, S.E.A. was originally my submission to the first No Video Jam. With E.X.O. I wanted to expand upon what I built and learned from this project. It can be considered a companion piece set in a shared universe.

Importantly, E.X.O. has given me a new space to try out different physics and terrain generation techniques, as well as new mechanics like jump jets and crafting. I’d love your feedback on these specific items, as they are elements I’d like to bring back to S.E.A. in future updates.

Those updates might include:

Heavy spoiler warning
  • breaking down treasures into raw materials
  • craftable vehicle upgrades so you can tune its abilities
  • unlockable jet pack and movement abilities
  • improvements to vehicle physics, underwater terrain generation, scanning, and treasure spawning

Please let me know what you think. Enjoy!

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