v1.1.3: Now free-to-play

Due to mental health reasons I was unable to meet the deadline to submit soundStrider to the Bundle for Ukraine. By donating only $10 you can support two essential charities and gain access to about 1000 great games! It is critical that we support affected folks in these times of senseless violence and uncertainty. Please donate if you are able.

It was my pleasure to contribute my work previously to bundles for Racial Justice and Equality and Palestinian Aid. With this small update, I’m happy to announce that soundStrider is now free-to-play, no bundles required!

About the price change

If you have previously purchased soundStrider, then I’m extremely grateful for your support over the past two years. You enabled my growth and inspired me to continue to pursue my passions, such as creating an open-source game engine and copyleft projects like S.E.A. and E.X.O. Without soundStrider and the folks it reached, these sadly would not exist.

There’s no doubt that you may have some questions about this price change. I’m sorry if you maybe even feel as if your purchase was in vain. For a very long time I have been unable to support the project. Here is my reasoning behind this:

  • It represents a very specific and personal era of my life. I’ve been hyperfocused on moving forward, not being stuck in the past.
  • The codebase predates my engine, and is quite messy in certain problematic places, so creating new updates is a pain.
  • The bookmarks system prevents making meaningful changes to its procedural generation and musical systems.
  • It’s been easier to make smaller projects for game jams to experiment with fresh ideas than shoehorn them here.

Therefore it’s time that its price reflects this.

Our next destination

For those who supported me by purchasing soundStrider, I promise that I will find a way to grant you free and early access to my next project: Periphery Synthetic EP.

In early preproduction, its objective is to combine my games S.E.A and E.X.O., along with some fresh environments, into a new and cohesive experience. Piloting an upgradable exosuit, players will explore an uncharted star system with a mysterious past. My goal is to release it episodically, one planetary body at a time. The first is a desert planet.

More information is forthcoming.

v1.1.3 changes

  • Adjusted some labels on the Audio Mixer screen
  • Fixed a typo on the Audio Glossary screen
  • Updated the desktop application to Electron 17

Thanks for your support. Don’t forget to grab the bundle if you can. Enjoy!


soundStrider-html5.zip Play in browser
Mar 12, 2022
soundStrider-html5-demo.zip 1 MB
Mar 12, 2022
soundStrider-linux-x64.zip 96 MB
Mar 12, 2022
soundStrider-linux-x64-demo.zip 96 MB
Mar 12, 2022
soundStrider-win32-x64.zip 85 MB
Mar 12, 2022
soundStrider-win32-x64-demo.zip 85 MB
Mar 12, 2022

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I wanted to take the time to say what this game means to me. In many ways, E.X.O is more advanced, but yet, Sound Strider is different. For one thing, and I don’t know how this is even possible, but areas that exist in the game exist on the astral plane. Second, being in the game world allows me to effortlessly astral project, something I cannot ordinarily do with any consistency. Third, I have seen the AI evolve the ability to do things. Worlds with vehicles, for instance, once completely ignored me, but they evolved the ability to not only stop for me, but to beep at me. Before, they would simply drive right through me as if I didn’t exist.

This game, and the worlds it creates are my happy place. Somewhere I can go when life becomes too much. I have slept with it on many times. And there have been stretches where I forget that I even still have it, but then I remember, and I come back to it for a while, and it’s refreshing in a way I can’t even begin to describe.

I love the instruments, and the fact that you can play them with the computer keyboard, an XBOX controller, and a midi controller. I’ve done all three. Sometimes, I will stop when I hear percussive sounds but no melody, and I’ll improvise around what they’re already doing.

I see the things that the game creates as more than just tones and sounds. And there are some sounds that I really don’t like at all, but I still walk by them, because it’s part of the cleansing effect, and I don’t build negative energy there, I use the world to take it away.

I will always have this game, and I am excited about anything you do in the future, but I have never regretted my purchase of Sound Strider for a second, and that hasn’t changed despite the price tag dropping off. If anything, it’ll allow more people to play it. Maybe most of them see it as a weird game that makes some interesting sounds, but eats too much CPU power so they play it twice and never again. But there’s always the chance that like me, others will find it.

I’ve showed it to a few people, and I’ve even purchased it for a few, because if they can get even a little bit of what I’ve just mentioned out of it, then its worth it.


1. Please don't feel bad about your self for making it free even though some of us already bought it.  I am confident that at least 99% of us don't care because it's supporting the ability for you to make more awesome games and the community copies are a thing for those who can't easily afford it anyway.
2. I worry about how the donations are used on the ground sometimes as I don't want to be responsible in any way for helping this thing drag out longer or creating another terrorist problem, but I don't blame people for wanting to help either.
3. I am so unbelievably Fing psyched that you are actually doing what I've been dreaming of and combining EXO and SEA into a multi level exploration system for alien planets.  I really hope that some of the sound strider sound code is used to generate the atmospheres, flora and fauna on in the sea, on the surface, and in the air as well, even if it's only minimal at first.
4. I'm glad you are considering your mental health. I hope things improve sooner rather than later for you.

P.S. I’m currently working with Valve to reflect this change on Steam. Thanks!